No more plaid suits. Please. – Part II

3) Radio Show Host
Once you have asked your detective-type questions, it’s time to let them talk. Allow them to spill their guts. You will be like a radio talk show host that is in control of your show, with an interesting special guest. You are engaged in the conversation, and control it with your questions – even though they are not as probing and specific as your detective questions like above. Open-ended questions will allow them to speak to whatever is most important to them. Pretend that they rolled up in a limousine and walked down the red carpet, and it’s your opportunity to talk to them.
In this way, you are the radio or television show interviewer. Perhaps you’ve heard a great radio interview where they had a special guest. Think of the world’s best interviewers: 60 Minutes” has Mike Wallace. ABC had Barbara Walters. Even Johhny Carson was a great interviewer. Why were they all greats? Because they pitched a slow-pitch softball and allowed the interviewer to shine, be themselves, and hit one out of the park in interesting ways. They never stumped them or embarrassed them. They always complimented them, and asked how they got to be this way.
Here are some examples of some radio show host questions:

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No more plaid suits. Please. – Part I

The foundation of business is a sale. If the word “salesperson” conjures up images of a sleazy car salesman in a loud plaid suit with slicked back hair, saying whatever it takes to pressure a customer into buying that old jalopy, then please STOP.

If that’s your image of a salesperson, then wipe it out of your head. Seriously. It will be next to impossible to train your brain to accept your new role as a successful businessperson who advances their career with each sale, unless your brain eliminates any association with negative imagery like this. I mean, wipe it out, cancel it, erase it… whatever you need to do to push that image out of your mind.

Instead, view and conceive the idea of a sales person as a positive and attentive problem solver.

Our new image as a problem solver is a strong combination of the following attributes. Each one is integrated with the others, but you can view each as wearing “different hats” in the sales cycle:

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